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Derby Homefinder is a choice-based lettings scheme that advertises social housing in Derby. You can search for council and housing association properties that are available to rent, apply to join the housing register or log in to bid on properties and manage your application. For information on eligibility and the allocations procedure, see Derby City Council’s Homefinder Allocation Policy.

The information you enter is securely stored on our system and can be retrieved within 90 days of your last update to the application form.
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Swapping your home (mutual exchange)

Swapping your home with another tenant is a really good way of moving home. This is called Mutual Exchange and means two or more council or housing association tenants can swap homes.

To do this you must be a secure council tenant or an assured housing association tenant. You won't be able to do an exchange if you are an introductory tenant. If you are interested in swapping homes but you're not sure if you can, ask us or your landlord for more details. You must have your landlords permission before you can swap homes.

If you have rent arrears or are causing anti-social behaviour, the mutual exchange may be withheld. If your home, or the home you want to move to has had adaptations carried out we will also need to consider whether the proposed exchange meets the needs of those involved in the exchange.

If you want to swap properties through mutual exchange (within Derby or nationally), you will need to register with House Exchange.

Renting from a private landlord

There are very few properties available through social housing, so most people are more likely to find a new home by renting from a private landlord. Try searching:“properties to rent in derby”.

If you are on a low income and looking for private properties to rent, you may be able to get help through either:

  • the Bond Assurance Scheme. This scheme can help with a deposit for a private landlord if you would struggle to get a private property because you can’t afford a deposit.
  • the Rent In Advance Scheme. This scheme can pay up to a month’s rent in advance if you receive or will receive Housing Benefit.
Buying a property

The 'Help to Buy' is a scheme funded by central government that's designed to help people buy their own home. For more information, visit the Help to Buy website.

Secure Council and Housing Association tenants can find general information about Right to Buy and Right to Acquire schemes that they may be able to apply for.