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Main applicant
You must have a connection to Derby to be able to join the housing register
People who own and live in or could live in a property they own, do not qualify to join the Housing Register unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as, a person who is a victim of domestic violence or if the property is unsuitable due to severe mobility/medical issues.

If you own a property and rent it out you may not qualify to join the Housing Register.

Note - The property can be in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

Applicants who are over 55 and live in a property they own are eligible to join the register for retirement housing.

The total amount of your household income before tax. Do not include DLA or PIP
The total amount of savings your household has including stocks and shares
The following make up tenancy-related debt that is debts that are legally recoverable:
  • Unpaid rent/service charges
  • Outstanding rechargeable repairs for making good damage, unauthorised repairs or removal of fixtures that the tenant has added without permission
  • Cleaning a house - a tenant must leave a property clean, tidy and in good decorative order
  • Cost of clearing any abandoned goods and storage of furniture
  • Associated court costs
  • Unpaid Rent/Service Charge
    Outstanding Rechargeable Repairs
    Outstanding Court Costs
    Able to carry out day to day tasks such as personal care, budgeting and paying bills, household task such as shopping and laundry
    Select Yes if you have had an appointment with your homelessness advisor and been advised to register an application
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